Sister's Battle

Sister’s BattleRenee drove fans wild in her match with Ebony, and she will do it again as she takes on her kid sister Dixie,in a sensational fight to the finish. Dixie’s constant ratting on her big sister to their parentsfinally takes it toll, and with both parents away on a trip, Renee is determined to make the most of heropportunity. Even though she is younger and lighter (125lbs) than her sister(148lbs) Dixie is no slouch ineither the looks or fighting department, and she really goes after her sister. What a fight takes place, asthey tear into each other, hair is pulled, tops are ripped off, and no mercy given or expected asthese two wildcats go at it. It isn’t easy, but finally Renee’s big, strong, voluptuous body proves toopowerful and her sexy legs, breast, ass, and even crotch take over. By the end of this wild encounter, beatenDixie can offer little resistance, as Renee uses her incredible ass to sit all over her sister’s face in avery dominant and sexy way. This tape is for the serious fan of facesitting.